VACEA Project (UFSC/IDRC Canada 2015-2016)

VACEA Project Video – Brazilian Team

  • Video produced by the Brazilian VACEA Project Team. The video explains some of the region adaptation choices and possible policies options to cope with extreme events in the Araranguá River Watershed (Santa Catarina State – Southern Brazil).

Project Description

VACEA addresses a gap in the current understanding of the consequences of global climate change for regional climate variability and extremes and the resulting vulnerabilities of agricultural and indigenous communities. Our goal is to provide new knowledge to strengthen the capacities of governance institutions and rural populations in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia to adapt to shifts in climate variability and the frequency of extreme events. The research framework, based on a vulnerability assessment model, actively engages stakeholders and directs all research activities towards evaluating past, current and future exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity, and applying this new knowledge to the design of improved adaptation strategies. The interdisciplinary research program will have three major themes: 1) Regional Vulnerability Assessment, 2) Climate and Agro-Ecological Variability, and 3) Integrative Risk Analysis.

Brazilian Team 2015-2016

  • Nathan Debortoli (UFSC)
  • Marina Hirota (UFSC)
  • Chen Lin Sung (Collaboration) (UFSC)
  • Michel Muza (IFSC)

Final Project Reports Brazilian Team

  1. VACEA case study Poster (English): vacea_brazil_2015_poster_canada
  2. Pilot Area Essentials (English): pilot-area-essentials_brazil_ararangua_river_basin_canada
  3. Case Study Overview (English): ararangua_river_basin_case_study_overview_canada
  4. Weather Extremes (English): ararangua_basin_case_study_extremes_report_canada
  5. Governance Report (English): ararangua_river_basin_case_study_governance_report_canada
  6. Node Analysis Report (English): ararangua_river_basin_case_study_node_analysis_canada
  7. Socioeconomic Indicators Report (English): ararangua_river_basin_socioeconomic_indicators_canada
  8. Stakeholders Interview Report (English): ararangua_river_basin_stakeholders_interviews_2016
  9. Case Study Matrix (English): ararangua_river_basin_case_study_matrix-of-vacea-adaptatation-to-climate-change_canada
  10. III EFAMuC Experience (Brazilian Portuguese):  relatorio_processo_avaliacao_prestacao-de-contas_iii-efamu

Giving Back to the Community – Booklet


Araranguá River Watershed Booklet – School Education (Brazilian Portuguese):

  1. Eventos Severos do Tempo na Bacia do Rio Araranguá: bacia-correcoes-11-nov

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