An amazing forest in the desert

Forests are springing up in the Egyptian desert. But they’re not mirages. Scientists have found a way to grow trees there using sewage.

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Ice melting in the Arctic

Strange, super-hot temperatures at the Arctic mean that sea ice is melting.
The ice should start coming back over the last few weeks, but it hasn’t.

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A more vulnerable Brazil in the 21th century

Projections soaring the risk of Natural Hazards such as landslides, flash floods and drought for the forthcoming decades in Brazil.

Authors: Nathan Debortoli (Flash Floods and Landslides), Pedro Camarinha (Drought) and José Marengo (Co-author)

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Source: Revista FAPESP

Le ralentissement du réchauffement n’était qu’une illusion

Pendant une quinzaine d’années, entre 1998 et 2014, un apparent ralentissement du réchauffement climatique a fait dire aux climato-sceptiques que ce phénomène était «un canular», mais une étude publiée mercredi souligne que cette pause n’était qu’une simple illusion.

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