Brazilian National Plan on Adaptation (MMA/GIZ 2015)


Brazilian National Adaptation Plan (NAP)

Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment launched its first National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in 2016. The NAP puts forward cross-sector adaptation strategies to address the wide range of risks that climate change poses in the expansive country, which has the world’s fifth largest land mass. Brazil’s NAP process involved extensive consultation with participants including 18 federal organizations, scientific community, traditional communities and the private sector. The Ministry of the Environment also organized 197 technical meetings and received more than 500 contributions in two public consultation processes. Brazil will now begin implementing its NAP working towards medium-term goals it sets for 2019, applying ecosystem-based adaptation techniques across the 11 economic sectors the plan addresses and launching an online knowledge management hub for adaptation next year.

Vulnerable Populations Chapter (7) and Coastal Areas Chapter (11)

My work in NAP was to help the development of both Coastal Areas (Chapter 11) and Vulnerable Populations (Chapter 7) amongst academic scientists and government stakeholders. These chapters were built especially within partners from the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Science, Technology and Inovation.

NAP online access

Link to access the Plan (Brazilian Portuguese)

Chapter Reports

1. DEBORTOLI, N.; OLIVEIRA, N. P. ; FERREIRA, R. . Recorte Setorial Plano Nacional de Adaptação às Mudanças Climáticas PNA – Populações Vulneráveis. 2015.
2. DEBORTOLI, N.; OLIVEIRA, M. ; BRITO, A. ; CABRAL, F. . Recorte Setorial Plano Nacional de Adaptação às Mudanças Climáticas PNA – Zonas Costeiras. 2015.


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