Arctic Change – Global Challenge: Workshop for Emerging Leaders Rovaniemi-Finland August 30-31, 2017

The aim of this workshop is to increase the capacity of individuals who may become the next generation global leaders to understand and act on the new security and governance challenges that are developing in the context of global environmental change. Navigating the combined challenges of climate change, globalization, and a shifting geopolitical landscape requires leadership at all levels and in all sectors of society. The rapidly changing Arctic illustrates the complexity of the task, with issues ranging from safeguarding human security in the Arctic and globally to managing a transition to a post-petroleum future. Central to the challenge are the close links between Arctic change and global processes. Navigating them will require insights about these connections, along with leadership skills and networks for working together across national and cultural contexts. The workshop will bring together a small group of young professionals with leadership aspirations with the specific task of using Arctic change as a starting point for defining what global security and governance might entail in the next 20-30 years and to explore their own roles in addressing them.

Nathan’s Role: Interact with other leaders and brainstorm about Article change and global process. A personal note from the meeting was published in the German Marshall Fund:

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