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“Hi, I am Dr. Nathan Debortoli, welcome to my personal research website on Climatic Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation. The objective of this profile is to gloss and share my research work, projects, and objectives to academic fellows, government, NGOs and private sectors. But not limited to touch a broader audience with interests in Social-ecological Systems (SES) and their exposure to extreme weather events.”

Shooting a short video for the Canadian IDRC Vacea Project on Farmer’s Vulnerability to Extreme Weather Events and Climatic Change in Southern Brazil. Photo: Marina Hirota.

 Some Thoughts

Climatic Change (CC) and Socio-Ecological-Systems (SES) studies require researchers to be open-minded due to its corollary of interdisciplinary approaches. And like many other interdisciplinary fields, it demands flexibility to deal with ever emerging methodologies and frameworks. This need of constant learning and reinvention has led many academic fellows to touch fields that are not part of their common pool of knowledge, which sometimes, can bring discomfort, insecurity, misjudgment and career uncertainty. Nonetheless, many have endured and persevered being able to broaden their analysis scope and tools within a deeper, mature and holistic fashion.

By these means, I strongly believe that just like my contemporary research fellows, I am also constantly developing new skills, while finding my own path into science. However, lately, a stronger necessity to bring this theoretic work and ideas to real life has emerged, thus, to actually help people adapt and cope to CC. For this reason, I have been fostering research ideas and methodologies that could be useful for stakeholders at a national and regional level. But also, I want to hear what real local people say about their needs for adaptation to extreme phenomena.

Within a world of globalization and increasing need for institutional transparency; dignity and local legitimacy are ways of giving voice to people. Beyond assessing CC vulnerabilities and adaptation and GHG emissions, I see researchers and also myself, trying to address in their studies the simple matter of satisfying peoples basic needs (i.e. education, health, job opportunities, etc.) while trying to coping to a fast-changing climate.

Nathan S. Debortoli

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